Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Letter 48- December 20, 1943

December 20, 1943
(Camp Abbot, Oregon)

Dear Mudder & Dad,

As you can plainly see I’ve run out of stamps. I’m going to get some more as soon as possible but I don’t know when that’ll be. Until then all my mail will be by the old unreliable “free” system. If I can, I’ll have the stamps by Wednesday. You’ll notice how uncertain I am about the whole thing. That’s the army for you.

Your mail has been coming in spurts, but I know it’s no fault of yours. The way they run things here it’s a wonder that I get any at all. However, those airmail letters are coming through “on the double”. Your letter of Dec. 18, Mother reached me today-not bad.

Christmas is sure a comin’ fast. Only 15 days-swish! With the exception of the last 10 weeks, this year has sure rolled by. A little while age I was trying to recall what I was doing at this time last year and was surprised at how well I could remember the things I did at school, around home and so forth. I can’t remember what happened the day before yesterday but I can remember that.

Today we worked on machine guns and tomorrow we fire them all day. I enjoy this more than anything we’ve had so far.

I’m being cut short by the “Sarge” who’s demanding that we all clean our gas masks. I could put it off but I’d better do it. I think this must be about the 3rd. letter that bird has ruined.

Bestus Love &
Merry Christmas,

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