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Letter 76- February 29, 1944

February 29, 1944
9:45 A.M. Tues.
(Camp Abbot, Oregon)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

I’m now a member of the “Casual Co.” I still sleep in the same bunk in the same barracks but I’ve got a new Capt. and am on a different roster.

This morning the fellows who are going on furlough went through their deprossessing. The rest of us who are going to school got the morning off so I am writing. You’ll be glad to know that school is almost a certainty now. The fellows who are going on furlough are really getting schneidered. Even the birds who went A.W.O.L during the course are getting furloughs and that means only one thing—that those guys are already slated for the banana boats.

Yesterday I went on my first day of detail. Wot an experience! They run us around like the devil for 17 weeks and then have us sit on our cans for I don’t know how long. When you’re not used to it you just about go nuts with boredom. I guess I shouldn’t complain though. It sure is disgusting though. They have ten or twelve civilians working down in the maintenance shop and foundry where I was detailed, and they’re not doing a goddamn thing except sit on their fannies—all for over $200 a month. It’s not their fault though. The foundryman took me into the jernt and showed me what was holding them up. They had an army version of a blast furnace which, of course, wouldn’t work. They spend millions around here on nothing and then ask the soldiers to buy more bonds. Phooey!

Best Love,

P.S. I hope the weather’s a little nicer down in L.A.

P.P.S. My mail still goes to C-54

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