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Letter 115- August 9, 1944

August 9, 1944

Dear Mother and Dad,

It’s been several days since I last wrote to you but I’ve been pretty much on the go all the time. We have a tough training schedule and not a hellova lot of time in which to do anything else. We get a good dosage of hiking every day almost. I don’t mind that, however, because I never tire of looking at the English countryside.

I’ve been getting mail regularly from you for almost a week and it sure keeps my spirits up. I only hope my letters are getting to you as fast.

It looks as if things across the Channel are really getting into high gear now. We get pretty confused sometimes, however. We don’t get much in the way of radio news during the day and the way things are going, an awful lot can happen in 24 hours.

The other day we heard that riot squads had been called out in New York and other large cities to quell the mobs celebrating the “armistice”, which seemed to be expected momentarily. Hot Stuff, huh? Another was that Argentina had declared war on us. I liked that one. You can see the kind of baloney that floats around an army camp.

I still don’t know how the War in the Pacific is going. Here in the E.T.O only one war is of importance.

My cold seems to be pretty well broken but this weather is so bad that everyone is always down with one. I had my first pass the other night so I walked to a small town nearby to get a firsthand look at England. To quote Richard—“It’s a dump”. Oh well, maybe I’m prejudiced (has that got another “d” in it?)

Now I’m down to the point where I can only think of militarily confidential stuff, sooo--.

Best Love,

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