Sunday, August 2, 2009

Letter 95- April 28, 1944

April 28, 1944
(Camp Crowder, Missouri)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

Here I am again, way behind in my writing, Tuesday Guard Duty, Wednesday night hike 22 miles, Thurs. went to show, tonight “G.I. Party” so I’m still behind. I'm a bum.

I’m still in radio—just as dumb at code as ever but still in radio. The course is good as over so even if I do get kicked out I’ve had a course in radio. However, they’re beginning to hint around that somebody’s going to be dropped, but they’re nice about it anyway. They just say some fellows just aren’t cut out to be radio operators.

There’s a lot of rumors humming around here and most of them are about the invasion. There’s a fellow named Dalsin in our company who served for over a year in the British Eighth Army. He’s quite a character. One of those screwballs who probably get a commission but who’d rather be a private. He’s obviously very well educated and a very interesting talker. He’s spent some 5 or 6 years travelling in Europe and the Near East and can tell and show a person many interesting things. Anyhow—this Dalkin predicted this afternoon that the Invasion would take place in 10 days or less. He admitted it was quite a bold prediction yet who knows? This afternoon the Germans announced that the Allies are massing shipping in England.

Haven’t much else to write—Sorry. Guess I’m just getting sleepy.


Best Love,

P.S. Could use some stamps.

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