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Letter 127- September 28, 1944

September 28, 1944

Dear Mudder and Dad,

I always start out by writing that it’ll be a short note—well, it will be. Very little of interest has been happening around here since I last wrote and on top of that I haven’t received any mail from you for several miles (several miles. Isn’t that awful? Here I am trying to write with a couple of “yahoos” blabbin’ about how far it is to some burg.) Anyhow, that’s not miles but rather days.

It seems now that all our rosy ideas about the war being over by the 1st. of October was just so much baloney. Now they talk about it lasting at least another 2 years. I guess I’ll see some action yet. Probably by the time I get home I’ll be eligible for on old age pension. Brrrr! Ghastly thought. The main trouble with us Americans I think is the way which we go to extremes. Everything must either be rosy red or black. One day they’re predicting the hour the war’ll end and next they’re groaning about it dragging on ‘till “nineteen-leventy-leven”.

Slogans for Servicemen

“Home alive in ‘45

“Pearly gate by ‘48

This is making the rounds over here.

P.S. I am in Southern England. I can say no more.

Best Love,


  1. At this point in the conflict the Market-Garden operation failed to seize the bridge over the Rhine at Arnhem in the Netherlands. British forces then started a push to liberate Antwerp and open that port to supply the conquest of Europe. Most of the men and materiel is still flowing across the Normandy beaches to be trucked to the front.

  2. Meanwhile Bill and numerous allied troops, mostly Americans, are awaiting deployment to the ETO. It is no wonder that Bill and the overwhelming majority of his peers have a keen interest in the war news. Their futures and perhaps their very lives hang in the balance.


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