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Letter 186- March 29, 1945

March 29, 1945

Dear Mudder and Dad,

This has sure been an exciting time these past few days. Armies tearing here and there. The war’s been going so fast that we really don’t know what the score is. I suppose the headlines at home are a foot high. There have been so many sensational advances during the past few days that the Stars and Stripes has to put items that ordinarily rate two full columns on the front page somewhere in with the comics. Patton, I fully expect, will be fighting in China in a few weeks if he continues to push as he has during the past week.

The mail situation is about the same. I believe airmail is still faster that V-Mail, and now they don’t even put the V-Mail in envelopes.

I suppose you are eager to hear about Germany. I don’t know what I can say but I’ll tell you a little anyway. Germany, as much as I’ve seen of it is rich and beautiful. In towns, of course, the effectiveness of our air corps is quite evident. Nevertheless, Germany has France beaten all hollow. The houses in Germany are clean, bright, and well appointed. Even their plumbing is second only to ours. The people appear well fed and are quite anxious to please us (they’re quite afraid of us) and, they all claim to be ANTI-NAZI, GOOD PROTESTANTS OR CATHOLICS as the case may be, and every damn one of them has at least 3 close relations living in America. About that time I feel like slapping them in the face with a rifle butt. Oddly enough they don’t know or pretend they don’t know who they’re fighting. One man thought we’re English, another Russian??!!, and several said we’re Canadians. Either they’re terribly stupid or awful liars—maybe both. That’s about all that’s general enough to write. Censorship is pretty strict.

I don’t remember whether or not I told you in my last letter but I received a letter from Bob Brewer the other day written on the 11th. He told me about his wound and getting married.

It’s raining like the devil outside now. I’m glad I’m indoors.

Chow will be here in a minute so it gives me an excuse to close.

Best Love,

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