Saturday, August 21, 2010

About Letter 160- Mudder to Bill

This letter, which never reached Bill and was returned as "undeliverable" is the only known letter from "Mudder" included in this collection. She has lost all interest in Christmas now that it is certain Bill will not be home. Mudder is puzzled about a wooden crate they received in the mail marked as from Bill which contained "one very swell vacuum cleaner" and speculates that it must have been sent to the wrong address. (note: In fact Bill did send it and eventually the vacuum cleaner ended up with Bill and his new family after the war. As a child I distinctly remember it being used by my mother and, believe it or not, she told me recently that after all these years she still has it buried away with the junk in her garage-Greg Taylor). In closing Mudder sends a newspaper clipping of a Drew Pearson article on "the caste system in the navy".

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