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Letter 160 (Mudder to Bill) November 26, 1945

Monday-November 26th. 1945
North Hollywood, California
Letter # 160

Dearest Bill,

Just finished wrapping some Christmas presents to send back east to Jess, Mother, Kim and Kitt. I went down town this morning and bought them. It certainly is hard for me to bother with any idea of Christmas. I lost all interest in it when I learned that you were not coming home and now all I want is to get it behind me. I don’t even want to think about it. Tonight they said that all men with fifty-five points would be home for Christmas and all men with forty or over would be home shortly after New Years. If they could do that they could let you come home before Christmas but that might look as though they were giving the fighting men a little consideration and of course, they wouldn’t want to appear in that light.

When I got home I looked for mail but he had not been around. I had a cigarette and sat around for a while and then he came and brought your letter of the 17th. I was sorry that you had not been receiving our letters but you know we are really writing them and we also sent your campaign ribbons. They were sent on the 25th of October and you must have them by now. However, don’t worry about them because we still have the letter of authorization and if they don’t come through we will get them again for you.

The thing that really has us going now is the vacuum cleaner. We are inclined to think there is a mistake somewhere. You speak of a package with things and I know that you mentioned a cigarette case, your pictures that were taken in Paris, your little engine and other things in one of your letters. The package containing those things have not arrived but we certainly are in possession of one very swell vacuum cleaner. I feel sure that you would have mentioned it if you sent it so just what if anything has happened? Your name was written all over the crate (wood) and Lt. Shemwell passed the contents. If it is a mistake I don’t see just how it happened. It is not a bad swap because I could sell it tomorrow for all kinds of money. They are among the hardest things to get but if you did not send it and had a lot of valuable things in another package I would rather have that. Is there any way you could check up from your end? Perhaps you know who bought a vacuum cleaner if you did not and he may have your things. If you can’t check up from your end I have a way to do it here. We have your roster and could send a letter or card to each member of your outfit asking about it. That might get results as I’m sure whoever got it would rather have what they bought.

It is too bad that you could not attend the party of the 100th but I don’t blame you for not wanting to hitch-hike for that distance. It would have to be some party and I suppose it was but I still doubt if it would be worth that much effort.

Apropos of your remarks about the Third Infantry Division and their MP’s- I am enclosing an article of Drew Pearson’s on the caste system in the Navy. Boy, are these services having a time selling the boys on re-enlistment. Phooey! says most of them. I guess it’s worse in the Navy than in the Army.

I do hope that your mail is reaching you by now. There are so many things that we will be looking for answers about- the VC, the Ribbons and Ex. Rfm. Badge etc. Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait.

Thatz’s all for tonight. I liked your description of Giessen and the historical background.

Bestus love and kisses,

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