Thursday, January 15, 2009

About Letter 3

Bill has been in the Camp Abbot hospital for 5 days with "G.I.Stomach" and his frustration is beginning to show. He gripes about the medics in the hospital, the lousy country at Abbot, the lousy weather, and the volcanic dust . For the first time he is homesick.


  1. We have a family friend who lost at eye in Normandy in 1944 and was hospitalized in England. When he was well enough, the medics put him to work cleaning latrines. This disgusted him so much that he and a buddy deserted the hospital and made their way back to France and their unit. Such was the pull between men who have shared combat.

  2. The bond between soldiers in combat is truly the glue that hold an army together. I think that the latrine duty my father talks about in this letter may have pushed him over the edge. Even though he had yet to experience combat it is clear that he yearns to get back to the men of his company


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