Monday, January 26, 2009

About Letter 8

Our hero is finally released from the hospital and joins Co. “B”. In his first day of training he draws his equipment and at 5:30 am. the next morning Bill gets to work. First day activities include: close order drill, extended order drill, a lecture, propaganda movies, a 45¢ haircut (“I was in the chair for exactly 85 seconds”) and the cleaning of his M1 Garand rifle. Bill gets his first letter from home. He closes the letter with a humorous sketch entitled “me in the cold.”


  1. How about a little background on Bill? Did he have any siblings? Who were his parents? How did he get into the army? He seems like a bright kid. Why did he end up an infantryman instead of an engineer?

  2. My experience in the army is that all personel go thru Basic Training of some sort even if they ultimately become doctors. Hence the M-1 Garand training.

  3. I once read that there were something like 11 support personnel for every soldier on the combat lines. I guess they all had rifle training.


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