Sunday, January 25, 2009

Letter 7- October 23, 1943

October 23, 1943)
(Camp Abbot, Oregon)

Dear folks,

I was wrong about my company. Have received no mail yet. Write soon.

Pvt. William W. Taylor, Jr.
A.S.N. 19203811
Co. “B” 53 E.T. bu.
Camp Abbot, Oregon



  1. Reading Bill's return address it would be 53 E.T. bn. That's Engineer Training Battalion.

  2. A.S.N 19203811 is Bill's Army Service Number. This remained his military identification number throughout his Army career. When he was discharged, his Veteran's Service Number became V.S.N 19203811. Last year when I was doing research for this project I applied for my father's Military Personnel Record using that number. Unfortunately his service record, along with millions upon millions of service records were destroyed in a catastrophic fire in 1973 at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis. According to the letter I received, "The fire destroyed the major portion of records of Army military personnel for the period 1912-1959 and records of Air Force personnel...for the period 1947-1963."


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