Wednesday, March 4, 2009

About Letter 26

Bill is getting some attention from his superiors. He is made guidon [flag] carrier for the day and the sergeant calls him out to lead exercises. He runs “smack dab” into a private in full German Army uniform, carrying a Mauser. The rumor persists that the war in Europe is almost over and may end by the first of the year. The men are learning Judo and Bill brags that he can “kill a guy in 50 different ways (all dirty).” The hospital is full of cold, flu, and pneumonia cases. Bill depicts the scene with a sketch.


  1. Bill's guidon was probably red (or scarlet) with a white castle.

  2. Bill's guidon certainly wasn't as ornate as the one I found on a Google search. According to this letter it seems being a guidon carrier is more complex than simply carrying around a flag. Once again, Bill's experience at a military academy is put to good use.

  3. I carried the guidon in college ROTC. If the drill and ceremonies manual remained the same, the bearer had to "mirror" the drill commands - guidon straight up for "company!" and then straight down for "ten-shun!" It was a fair amount of work. But you were out front and got to see what was going on.

    I found an example of a Corps of Engineers guidon at

  4. Thanks for the information David. I do not have any military experience so there is much about drill and procedures I need to learn to fully understand my father's training. Camp Abbot must have been a colorful place with red and white guidons flying all about.


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