Monday, March 16, 2009

Letter 36- December 3, 1943

Dec. 3, 1943
(Camp Abbot, Oregon)

Dear Folks,

Boy! Oh Boy! I finally got some mail from you. I see by the date on your letters that the fact I haven’t received anything from you for the last four days is not your fault. It’s just the usual high efficiency of Camp Abbot Services Forces. Probably they’ve been sitting on their fannies as usual and letting all the mail stack up in the booming post-office.

I’m sending you a money-order for $50.00 as you see so you can open that account you wrote about. If I can send home some money every month, I ought to have a nice little sockful of dough when I get out of the army and start back to college.

That fruitcake you talk about in your letter sounds great. We get such odd food around here that the very mention of such delectable food just about kills us.

I saw the proofs of my pictures last night. One of them I think will be pretty good after they take the bags out of under my eyes, but in the other one I think I look like “Little Lord Jesus”. The photographer promised me it would look much better after the real print was made up so I let him make one up, but if it comes out like the proof I’m going to bury it.

How do you like the Special Delivery Air Mail Stamp. One of the fellows in this barracks got his medical discharge yesterday and then commenced to give away everything he owned. I got about $3.00 worth of these stamps. I’m dropping this letter in the box at 10:00 pm. tonight, Friday the 3rd. I wished you’d write and tell me when you receive it. If it gets to you pretty fast I’ll use the rest of them but if they don’t I’ll sell them.

Bestus Love,


P.S. I hear that we’re going to work all day on Christmas. Oh how I love this army life. Phhhtttt!!!



  1. Imagine the reaction of Bill's parents to receiving a SPECIAL DELIVERY letter from him. And all he wanted to do was use the free stamp and see how long it takes to get there.

    My dad sent his money home to his mother just like when he worked at the mill. When he got home in 1946, he paid cash for a house.

  2. Wow....and it cost 16 cents! I wonder what kind of plane the letter flew on. I'm sure your dad made more money than my dad, a PFC Infantryman. My mother and father did buy a house in 1950 after about 3 years of marriage. It cost $10,050 and their monthly payments were about $65.00 I believe that Bill's parents had to help him come up with a down payment on the house, so I don't know what happened to his war time savings.


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