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Letter 183- March 14, 1945

March 14, 1945

Dear Mudder and Dad,

Here’s another late letter, you see. I wrote one to you 5 days ago and was unable to mail it before it disappeared. I hate to keep you waiting for mail but that’s the way it goes. I’ve been back with the company now for several days.

I received a letter from you today, Mudder. The one acknowledging my acknowledgement of the first fruitcake you sent me. Now there’s a brainy sentence. It’s the first letter I’ve had in several days. I shouldn’t complain though. Last time I did get mail there were eight letters: seven from you and one from Jess. In the letter I wrote and lost I answered several questions for you. Now I haven’t got your old letters nor mine and I can’t remember what the questions were. Alas! Wot a life.

Anyway, when I returned from the rest area the other day what should be waiting but a package. It was the second fruitcake. Boy, oh Boy! Need I say more?

I’ll tell why it took so long for my November Bond to show up. You see I didn’t get paid for almost 3 months and when I don’t get paid the Bond doesn’t go through.

In a few days, if I get the chance, I’m going to send my combat I’m going to –what am I doing?? anyhow. I’ll send my Combat Infantry Badge home along with a couple souvenirs I picked up in the rest area. I’d like you to wear it, Mudder. You know, it really means “sumpin”.

I see where Bob Brewer was up at school the other day. I can’t understand it. I can’t write home about my outfit yet he seems to know more about it than I do.

Thanks for the compliment about my letterwriting. The Co. censor told me I wrote well the other day—not that it’s any of his business. I suppose he means well, however.
That about does it.

Best Love,

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