Sunday, March 21, 2010

About Letter 202

Bill writes using official Nazi letterhead he believes to have belonged to a teacher association. He sarcastically remarks, "One doesn't have to be very intelligent to be a teacher over here-just follow the daily instructions-Adolf Hitler is our savior, Adolf Hitler is God!" He notes that "Bitche is correctly pronounced just what you think...and believe me it was a real bitch." Bill indicates to Mudder that he has no interest in O.C.S. saying, "it means an automatic transfer to the Pacific."


  1. Hey Greg, in reading so many of your dad's letters you also posted pictures from time to time. I have some pictures I found in several old books I have of my dad that he picked up over the years. One I actually ordered from Amazon. Not sure I can use them because it says on the cover not for use unless you have permission. I'm in the process of emailing to some of these publishers and have phone numbers to call. Did you run into this situation? The problem for me is that my dad has absolutely no pictures while over in Italy. I would like to show some of these photos to my followers just from a historical reference. Sorry that took so long to explain. Enjoying reading your latest letters. Liz

  2. Hi Liz,
    I wish I had more of my father's photos from the war but I actually only have 2 and they are both portraits. Regarding permission to use photos I will send you an email with more information.


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