Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Letter 205- June 24, 1945

June 24, 1945
(Göppingen, Ger.)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

I’ve been trying to get up enough energy to write for two days now but the weather is hot and sticky here right now and it just seems to take the pep right out of a body.

Someday, or rather sometime today I’m going down and make my O.C.S. application. I don’t know what the score is but I’m going to find out.

It seems pretty definite now that we’re not going to be occupation over here so I might as well make a stab at it. I’m getting rather up now with everything as it is.

If the O.C.S. doesn’t work out I should be home for 30 days sometime before Christmas. Otherwise things are pretty much the same here. On Tuesday we’re moving back to Nürtigen I believe. That will mean more training but less hikes, etc.

Last night I took in a show, “Skylark” with Claudette Colbert and Ray Milan. I enjoyed it although I didn’t think it remarkable.

I’ve had quite a number of snapshots taken during the last few days. I hope they come out so I can send them to you.

Well, this doesn’t make much of a letter but I guess that’s all anyway.

Best Love,

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