Thursday, March 18, 2010

Letter 201- June 10, 1945

June 10, 1945

Dear Mudder and Dad,

Just yesterday I received a letter from you asking what action I had been in and so forth. The bulletins that have been put out concerning this up ‘til now have been pretty hazy. However, today they handed us the enclosed booklet. It covers pretty well our Rhineland campaign but doesn’t cover the South German action. Of course, it dwells on our breaking of the Maginot Line in the Bitche area to the greatest extent because it was our most remarkable feat and also it was there that we earned the title of “Sons of Bitche” from the rest of the A.E.F and “Bloody Underpaid Butchers of Bitche” by Herr Gobbels propaganda ministry. There were quite a few dead Jerries thereabout. All in all it’s a good booklet. Of course it doesn’t cover the little instances that were so all fired important to each of us as individuals like the day when our platoon was caught by the cross fire of 3 machine guns outside of Bitche and I lay on the open ground watching machine gun slugs tear up the ground two feet from my face or the next day when 7 Jerry tanks opened up on us with direct fire. I do believe that picture on the inside of the cover will give you some idea of the cold.

I’ll try and write again tomorrow.

Best Love,

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