Thursday, April 15, 2010

Letter 211- July 10, 1945

July 10, 1945
(Vaihingen, Germany)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

I received the two badges from “Mattsons” last night and I certainly am proud to wear the big one. I think I’m the envy of the regiment already. Fellows I don’t even know often approach me on the street and say, “where in the world did you get the snazzy C.I.B. One guy offered me $20.00 for it today. I laughed right in his face. I wouldn’t part with it for “nothings”, posilutely. I think the little one is cute too, so I’m enclosing it in this letter.

If I’m going to get this all in an airmail envelope I’d better not write much.

Pulling a lot of guard duty now. Having a little trouble with Russians here. The French gave them arms and let them do as they pleased. Situation is all right now.

Best Love,


  1. In an army where everyone is so anonymous it is no wonder that Bill would enjoy wearing his CIB. It is one of the most highly regarded service badges among service personnel. It identifies soldiers who have served as infantrymen on the line for thirty days. In recent decades the Army has added similar badges for medics and other personnel who have been in combat, but the CIB stands alone.

  2. I recall at one time seeing this C.I.B. among my father's things along with a Combat Infantryman Bracelet and collar pin. Unfortunately all that remains is the collar pin. I still hold the faint hope that the missing items are somewhere among my mother's things.


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