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Letter 214- July 15, 1945(2)

July 15, 1945-2
(Vaihingen, Enz.)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

This letter is in answer to 3 that I received from you today. The first two bawled me out for not writing and the last one said you’d received 2 letters from me. Some stuff. Really I haven’t been receiving your mail any better that you’ve been getting mine. I’ve been averaging about 2 letters a week and sometimes 3.

Well tomorrow we’re moving again. We’ve only been here in Vaihingen for about one week. This moving is becoming a pain in the neck. I guess it’s necessary though with the other outfits constantly moving out. This time it’s somewhere near Heilbronn. I wish we could get down to Lake Constance. The 10th Armored is down there now living the life of Reilly in all those resorts. Hummmm never can tell.

I’ve been pulling guard here 2 hours on—6 off. That sounds better than it actually is. Really it’s 3 hours awake and 5 asleep—if—you don’t have to fall out for one or another formation. “Ich habe kein verstat”.—“Nichts verstay”.

Well, yesterday I signed up for schooling over here. If I’m extremely fortunate I might get to go to college in England. Otherwise I’ll go to “battalion school” which is quite extensive but of a limited nature. Battalion school could be great if they do as E&I has planned, (Education and Information), but I’m afraid the brass will try to make of it an “after hours” affair, training all day and school at night. It won’t work. A man’s too tired at the end of a day. Anyway I’ll take a fling at it.

I’ve signed up for German and radio. Two subjects is all a person can carry at one time and I don’t believe those two will conflict with one another. Now that the “no fraternization policy” is being taken away it shouldn’t be too difficult for me to gain a working knowledge of the language rapidly.

Well, this about does it. Hope this mail situation straightens itself soon.

Best Love,

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