Thursday, April 15, 2010

Letter 212- July 11, 1945

July 11, 1945
(Vaihingen, Germany)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

Well, while I’m waiting to go on guard duty I’ll at least start this letter. I suppose you saw in the paper that “Ye olde 100th Division” is slated to stay in the E.T.O. until the first of next year at any rate. I’m perfectly satisfied with that arrangement.

I’ve been sick as the devil for the last few days—diarrhia. I probably spelled that wrong. Today I finally got something for it. Hope it does some good since I’m getting tired of living in the bathroom.

I’m guarding a Russian camp and we are having a time. Last evening a bunch of them got drunk and a fight ensued. You should have seen me holding 2 of them apart. They were trying to hit one another but succeeded only in hitting me. They were both husky but the way Russians fight nobody could get hurt. They stand sideways to one another and strike out with the backsides of their forearms. I suppressed a desire to knock their heads together. After we calmed them down they wanted us to drink some Schnapps with them. Wot a bunch.

(sketch here)

Gotta go now. I’ll write again later.

Best Love,


  1. Great sketch by Bill. His accompanying description is priceless.

  2. I too got a big kick out of the sketch and description, particularly Bill's "suppressed desire to knock their heads together."

    My father was quite an artist and very creative. In 1959 when he was our Webloes Den Father he made silk screened tee shirts for all of us depicting the boys riding in his 1959 Hillman Husky station wagon. It was years before I ever again saw a tee shirt with silked screen artwork on it. Now they are everywhere. He could have made "millions" had he marketed the idea.


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