Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Letter 213- July 15, 1945

July 15, 1945
Dear Mudder and Dad,

Just get a load of that snazzy letterhead. Boy! Is old “Able” Company going highhat.

Regimental insignia is bursting forth all over the place these days. There’s one above the Co. C.P.’s door, at bn. C.P. and regt. They are about 8 by 6 feet in dimensions. Here the other day I crudely struggled to draw one of these for you and then they drag in the new stationery. How do you like this fine pointed pen. It would be swell if I only could write like a grownup rather than a five year old.

Well, they set moving day back again. Now it’s supposed to be Tues., that’s tomorrow, but I won’t depend on it. According to Stone our Jeep driver the place we’re going is better than this joint , but of course that’s not saying a great deal since we almost have to wear gas masks in this town.

Well, here it comes—how about a nice package from you all. You know what I want, candy, cookies, fruit juice, gum and so forth. And Dad, see if you can get me a new webb belt up at school. My old one was so caked up with French and German mud that it’s almost “kaput.” Socks and hankerchefs would also be appreciated. The supply room here can’t get anything for us so everyone is writing home for even G.I. stuff. Some situation, eh?

I hear over the B.B.C. this morning that the fleet is now becoming bold enough to sail right up to Japan proper and shell the very living daylights out of them. They’d better surrender while they still have something to surrender.

That’s about all for now.

Best Love,

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