Saturday, February 21, 2009

About Letter 21

Arising at 5:15 am. Bill and the boys go to the rifle range. It is so cold on the firing line that “nobody could shoot worth a damn”. Bill draws a humorous sketch depicting the situation. He tells his mother that he is exploring the idea of applying for “some special branch” of the ASTP program such as photography or camouflage. Bill describes a soldier in his barracks who appears to be having a mental breakdown and closes the letter with a ditty which describes “our snappy outfit.”


  1. Interesting letter. Not sure I understand the meaning behind called the CO a descendant of Paul Revere, do you? By the way, your label says ATSP but should be ASTP. -- wg

  2. Thanks for the correction. I haven't the foggiest notion about the Paul Revere comment. I too am puzzled by it. It is a nonsequitur to me. Maybe David has a thought on this. David?


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