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Letter 20- November 6, 1943

November 6, 1943
(Camp Abbot, Oregon)

Dear Folks,

Well, I’ve started getting my mail again. That moroon’ of a co. clerk over at the 53rd. in spite of what I told him, sent my mail to the “new 55th.", a non-existent outfit. What a dope! It’s funny about the mail. I got two letters from Mother today. One was written Nov. 1 & the other was written Nov. 3. But! the North Hollywood dateline on the first letter was Nov. 3, and the dateline on the later one was Nov. 2. What’s going on at that post office, anyway?

I haven’t received the package yet, but the way things are here I don’t expect it for a couple of days. It gives me something to be excited about, anyway-almost like Christmas.

Things are pretty much the same around here. Lots of marching and lots of marksmanship. I’m doing pretty good and they’re beginning to let me do a little instructing. Cripes, maybe I’ll end up as cadre.

I’ll write another letter tomorrow concerning the letters I got today, but right now I’ve got to clean my rifle. Keep on sending the news, Dad. It really surprised me.

Love & Kisses
P.S. Con’t. tomorrow


  1. Soldiers will put up with a lot, but don't mess with their mail.

  2. As Bill says in the next letter, if anybody messes with it they will "meet a sudden and violent end."


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