Monday, February 9, 2009

Letter 14- October 31, 1943

October 31, 1943
(Camp Abbot, Oregon)

Dear Dad,

I received your letter of the 26th. and got quite a kick out of the time you had trying to get a hold of me. I remember, however, that it wasn’t so funny at the time. For a while I must have been a pretty important guy around Camp Abbot.

You asked in red letters whether I was jealous of the swell ham you had for dinner. Fifteen minutes later we went to chow and had macaroni and cheese. Does that answer your question?

We get 6 weeks Infantry basic here and 11 weeks of Engineer basic. It’s pretty tough.

Nearly all the fellows I knew at MacArthur are here although Remington is the only one in my co. He sleeps right across from me.

Doug Rose is sure having a tough time in the Army isn’t he? Hell! When I was in the hospital, all those “bedpan commandos” did was sleep.

We have a regular P.X. for each battalion here and a swell service club.

About a garrison cap and belt. I don’t think I should get them now. I have no place to go and if I go across immediately after basic I can’t take them.



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  1. I will have more to say about the Camp Abbot training cycle in a future post


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