Saturday, July 18, 2009

Letter 86- April 4, 1944

April 4, 1944
Dear Mudder and Dad,

I don’t even intend to send this letter if I can help it, but last night I was on guard and tonight I must help G.I. the barracks so I don’t know whether I can get time to write a real letter or not.

Yesterday I received the Easter package and letter from you. I concluded from certain “derogerary” remarks in the letter that I had better write. I’m writing this in class and therefore the “yaller” paper and G.I. printing. I’m having a wonderful time eating the eggs. They’re delicious. I cut the chocolate eggs up into slices. (not in class)

I’m progressing a little better in my code at present and it seems that the crisis may be passed. I’m now attempting to take 10 words a minute and am doing fairly well.

With every day that passes I get more fed up with the state of “misery”. Yesterday the temp. was actually 80° --this morning it snowed.

I just got back from lunch and mail call. I received 3 letters from you. The pictures are swell and I was sure glad to get them.

Well, I guess this damn thing is going to have to do for a letter after all. It’s late in the evening now, and after being up all last night I just haven’t the courage to start a letter. Hope you’ll forgive me.

Bestus, Love

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