Monday, July 27, 2009

Letter 91- April 15, 1944

April 15, 1944
(Camp Crowder, Missouri)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

Here it is the middle of the night and I’ve got another GOD DAMNED detail—that’s exactly how I feel about it. This time it’s night fireman. I’m stoking 5 furnaces & 5 hot water heaters. I’m on all night and will probably get about 3 hours sleep tonight. Nice, huh? Yeah.

Well, here comes the bad news. It looks like I’m going to be transferred out of radio. I know that sounds bad but it may not be. I’ve worked as hard as I know how with it but for the last week and a half I’ve made no progress. I’ll not make any excuses because now they’d merely sound like alibis. However, believe me this radio is not what it’s cracked up to be. I’ve worked hard at it because I wanted my army record to be flawless but if I only knew back at Abbot what I’ve found out since here. Today the two lowest fellows from the Engineers were called up for reclassification. That leaves me the lowest in the class. I have an operating speed of about 6 words a minute. Murphy , who was in my platoon back at abbot, and who has a background in education exactly like mine was offered a course in administration. That’s mainly clerk work but hell, all the clerks end up 1st. sgt. these days.

Your mail is coming through pretty good these days although some old stuff pops in every so often. Those post cards for instance did not arrive ‘till just a few days ago. That’s about all of everything for now. I’ll write you more about this transfer the minute I find out about it. One thing you’ll be glad to hear is I stay in the camp for 12 weeks anyway, whether I take radio or not. At least that’s what they told Murph.

Best Love and don’t worry
about me


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