Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Letter 94- April 24. 1944

April 24, 1944
(Camp Crowder, Missouri)

Dear Mother and Dad,

I received 3 swell letters from you today so I thought I’d at least better write you a note. It looks as if I’ll be out in the cold for the next 2 nights so I won’t be able to write. All this Boy Scout stuff you know. Things are pretty much the same around here—lousy in short—so I really don’t know what to write. I’ve been expecting to get tossed out of radio every day but they still haven’t heard anything so; I haven’t heard anything rather; so I don’t what is coming off. I find radio installation pretty interesting but without code there’s not much profit in it. I’m really floating in the middle of a great void. Nobody seems to know what goes and myself most of all.

Let’s talk about some pleasanter things. At the very most I’ll be out of here in about a month and maybe sooner, and the minute I get out of here I can apply for a furlough and don’t think I won’t be quick about it. They really don’t have to give me a leave but I’ll make ‘em wish they had. I’ll make an application every day if I must. I think I’ll be able to, however.

All I’ve heard about that song about San Fernando is the last few words I happened to hear in the Recreation Hall. You know, “and make my home in [the] beautiful San Fernando Valley.” That little bit sounded swell.

When you wrote about how Richard felt about leaving I felt awfully sorry. As much as he used to talk and all that he seemed to me less suited to military life than any of the rest of us. It’s probably pretty hard for him.

Best Love,


[Note: “The San Fernando Valley” was recorded by Bing Crosby in 1943. It was a huge hit. Bill was raised in "the Valley"]

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