Monday, July 27, 2009

Letter 92- April 17, 1944

April 17, 1944

Dear Mudder and Dad,

I’ve only got time to write another note but I guess you’d rather get the note than nothing at all.

I’m still in radio studying procedure and radio installation but I won’t bet on how long I’m going to stay in it. For me the perfect deal would to be able to stay in radio until I had learned everything I want to and then be reclassified. You probably wonder why. The reason is quite well explained by the following diagram.

[diagram here of Bill being “triangulated” and shot]

I think this is self explanatory. I haven’t mentioned the high number of radio operator casualties before because I figured you’d think it just an alibi but now I’m either in or out and it doesn’t make so much difference. What I’m doing is extremely easy and for the most part quite interesting, but I know that code is still pretty bad and I don’t relish the idea of getting myself blown to hell. I’m afraid there’s a lot of things in this army I don’t relish. Maybe the war’ll be over by the time I have to go overseas.

There go the lights.
Best Love,

P.S. Ain’t that Ruby sumpin!


  1. It is always an interesting epiphany when the soldier realizes that he is within range. The engineers probably didn't consider it much, but when Bill saw the process of triangulation - oops.

  2. Bill must be very sure that he will never be a radio operator in combat. It would be quite insensitive of Bill to send such a graphic sketch to his folks unless the act being depicted was extremely unlikely to actually happen.


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