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Letter 93- April 21, 1944

April 21, 1944
(Camp Crowder, Missouri)

Dearest Folks,

I’ve been getting 2 letters every day from you for quite some time now and you have no idea how good it makes me feel. I had good intentions of writing you at least every other day myself but this bloomin’ army is no respecter of my good intentions. Wednesday it was K.P; Thursday—guard; tonight G.I. Party (scrubbing out the barracks) No! I have it wrong. Thursday we had a night problem & Tuesday K.P. & Wed.—guard.

The night problem was typical Camp Crowder Boy Scout stuff. It was night compass work. We had a typical dumbbell corporal in charge (a clerk). Well, as you can guess we got hopelessly lost. Finally the dope gives me the compass and says that I should find the way out. Six years of that crap at Harvard did me good then. I’d been watching the stars so we got out in about 20 minutes. Then this so called corporal said he’d got us lost in order to see if we could get out of a tight spot. Holland (one of my bunch) then proceeded to tell him off. Boy! We’re about as popular around here as a bunch of cobras. Really though we’re not trying to act smart. They’ve just got an inferiority complex.

I seem to be doing the same as ever in radio. I’m doing fine in radio installation and procedure but I still don’t know code. Even if they let me finish the course I don’t have the requirements to be an operator. I can’t complain though. That just means that I get the pleasure of taking the course and then stand a chance of going to yet another school.

The more one learns the better he’s off.

I’m glad the fellows told you code was tough. It makes me feel a little better anyhoo. Rice said that after 10 weeks he got out of code. We got out in 5 (I could use the other five).

Don’t get your hopes up, but I’m working on a furlough. I might transfer out of here in a week or so and then I’m immediately eligible for a furlough.

P.S. got the figs and funnies.

P.S. I lost the post cards-I think


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