Saturday, July 18, 2009

Letter 87- April 6, 1944

April 6, 1944

Dear Mudder and Dad,

Again I start a letter by saying I just got off K.P. I say this with a mighty groan for I have been quite ill with an upset stomach for 2 days and somewhat weak from lack of food. This evening I’m much better, however and so I’m writing. School is dragging along as badly as ever. I’m getting so nervous that I snap at everyone. Of course they’re nervous too and snap right back. Many are starting to drop out of radio now, but I guess I’m doing well enough. I don’t give a damn as far as radio itself is concerned but as I’ve written before, I don’t want to fail. You mentioned explosives in one of your recent letters saying I might like them better than radio. I do think they’re safer than radio and that’s no kidding.

Details are coming thick and fast around here now and it seems I never get a minute off. OH WELL, WHAT THE HELL (old army saying).

The pictures are coming along swell and I sure enjoy them.

This isn’t much of a letter but I’d better close.

Say, I’d like to write Richard but you didn’t say how long he’d be in town.

Best Love,

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