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Letter 145- October 29, 1945

October 29, 1944

Dear Mudder and Dad,

Today or rather I should say tonight is Sunday. I didn’t write a letter yesterday because I knew they wouldn’t send out the mail ‘till Monday anyhow.

This evening I went out to the movies to see if I couldn’t cheer myself up a little. I didn’t particularly want to sit around and mope either. I’ve got K.P. tomorrow now and that doesn’t make me feel any too happy anyhow.

Christmas packages are beginning to arrive in the company now but I haven’t received any. They’ve got to come soon.

I did receive two letters from you yesterday, however-#18 and 19. They were both postmarked the 17th. You didn’t ask much in the way of questions so there’s not much to answer.

As usual there’s not much doing these days. It’s maddening never to be able to do anything I personally want to do. Really this army gets more and more difficult to stomach every day. Always being told when and how you can do a thing, the boredom, the everlasting inefficiency and stupidity. Maybe I’ve got too sensitive a nature or something but I’m so goddam sick and tired of it. I can imagine how those in the fighting must feel.

I’m going to try and send something home for Christmas. I don’t know how or what but I think it’ll make me feel better.

You don’t want to hear any more morbid stuff so I’ll sign off now. Hope you are in better humor than I.

Best Love

P.S. Got the rest of the stamps.

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