Saturday, November 28, 2009

Letter 161- December 13, 1944

December 13, 1944
(France; V-Mail)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

If this doesn’t look like my handwriting it’s because I cut my thumb and am holding my pen between my second and third fingers.

Not much to write today except that they’ve got us back in training. All morning we ran up and down hill putting on a demonstration for the rest of the battalion. It was very instructive but tiring. However, one can never learn too much when it comes to war sooo--.

It hasn’t rained all day today and yesterday evening the sun shone for a couple of hours. I still can’t believe it.

No mail for 3 days now. It wouldn’t be so bad if the postal people didn’t brag so much about getting the mail through. Just like Hollywood, bragging about the new movies they send overseas. The one I saw last night I saw before I came in the army.

End of paper.

Best Love,


  1. Is that shield the insignia for the 399th?

  2. Yes, that is the 399th. insignia. It is the cropped letterhead from stationery dad received while in the Stuttgart area during the Occupation.


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