Thursday, November 26, 2009

Letter 160- December 12, 1944-3

December 12, 1944-3
(France; V-Mail)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

I said I’d write this afternoon if I received any mail from you. Well, I didn’t but I’ll write anyway. I have just finished reading the Stars and Stripes for yesterday and as a result I’m pretty far down in the dumps. We don’t seem to be getting anywhere with this war. They talk about Germany training new armies and producing great stores of equipment. Out drives seem so damned slow and to top that they talk of Japan fighting on for years. I get so damned sick of it all. Last September it sounded like everything was over but the shouting, but since then as each day goes by the prospects of a long war becomes clearer. We tell one another that it’ll be over by Christmas, etc. but I don’t believe that any of us really think so.

Well, they’re calling us out for some kind of a demonstration. It’s always “sumpin.”

I think I’ll write Jess and see if I can get a rise out of them.

Best Love,

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