Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Letter 153- November 25, 1944-2

November 25, 1944-2
(France V-Mail)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

This is my permanent address:

[Co. “A” 399th. Inf.
A.P.O 446]

I can’t say what Division I’m with yet or exactly where. Generally, I am in eastern France. I can tell you where I’ve been recently. I landed at Le Harve. We were some of the first American troops in there. From Le Harve we went to Belgium and finally to Givet. On the border from there we came here. I hope all the above was O.K. They said so.

Lots of love. I’m a little pressed for time so I’d better close. Don’t worry if I don’t write very often. Things are moving awfully fast now.

Best Love,


  1. According to the regimental history, the 399th has been in steady contact with the enemy. Bill's 1st Battalion appears to have occupied Niederhaslach (also spelled Neiderhaslach) in Alsace on November 25th.

    Alsace was seized by Germany in the 1872 war, France took it back in 1919, Germany took it back in 1940, and it has been French since 1944.

  2. Bill arrives on the scene just as the 100th. Infantry Division enters the Saarbourg area. He will have several days to acclimate before the entire Division hits the line in a major assault on the Maginot Line. This assault will include house-to-house fighting by Bill's Company A., Bn.1 399th. Infantry Regiment.


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