Thursday, November 26, 2009

Letter 159- December 12, 1944-2

December 12, 1944-2
(France; V-Mail)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

Yesterday I wrote you a letter and dated it the 12th. I was wrong so here’s another dated the 12th. It seems that we may stay in the place for several days so I guess I’ll be able to catch up a little with my letter writing. We’re situated in a schoolhouse so I’m able to obtain ink, paper, pencils and all other necessary paraphernalia (did I spell that right?). We’re not doing much of anything at all except catching up on our sleep, eating and writing.

Everybody’s getting back mail so I think those packages might come along any time—I hope, I hope. If I receive anything this afternoon I’ll write again.

Need I mention the weather?

Yesterday I got another bath. Hot water—oh boy! What luxury! Now, if I could only get some clean clothes.

My space here now is just about gone so I’ll have to close.

Best Love’


  1. Bill may have benefited from one of the Quartermaster units that consisted of a mobile showers. Of all the features of the logistics of an army, next to good, hot food, a hot shower has to rank very high in priority.

  2. There were over 3,000 Quartermaster units in operation during World War II literally getting supplies "from factories and farms to foxholes." They were among the many overlooked heroes of the War.


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