Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Between the Lines: Bill in Combat Jan. 11 to Jan.30, 1945

The rest at Siersthal lasts for four days. The men shave, shower, write letters and even see a show. Most of all they sleep. For the first time in a month they are able to sleep the entire night through. The resting is temporarily interrupted when the Third Platoon is sent out on a combat patrol near their old position at the “Splinter Factory”. Their mission is to knock out an enemy machine gun nest that is threatening key positions along the battalion line. The job is well done. Not only are all the enemy killed, but the machine gun and ammunition are brought back to Siersthal by the patrol.

On January 15 Able relieves a company from the Third Battalion on the line above Glassenberg, where the CP is located. The Third Platoon and a part of the First are positioned along a ridge. The Fourth Platoon mans an outpost and prepares defensive mortar fire.

On January 23 the Company moves back to Enchenberg for a short rest. As the town is over-crowded, Able is moved back to Glassenberg the next day and takes residence in houses there.


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