Friday, December 11, 2009

Letter 167- December 26, 1944-2

December 26, 1944-2
(France; V-Mail)
(part two)

Dear Folks,

I received your # 36 letter of Dec. 8th. Mudder, and you’re pretty near right about my finances. I counted $66.00 more than I had when I left the states plus the $7.00 aunt Marge sent makes me a millionaire, especially when one considers that I now make $70.00 a month and have absolutely nothing on which I can spend it.

The V-Mail comes about as fast as does airmail this way but I like airmail better. I would write airmail myself but I have no envelopes and my stamps are all ruined. If you send me any more stamps or stationery send also some sort of stiff waterproof case for me to carry them in. That’s about all.

Bestus Love,

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