Saturday, December 5, 2009

Letter 165- December 24, 1944-2

December 24, 1944-2
(France; V-Mail)

(part 2)
Dear Mudder and Dad,

In case you didn’t get part one, I’m feeling fine “all stuff like that there.”

Received a letter from Jess the other day in which she said now I was living “dangerously” like Bob Hughes. I had to laugh at that. I don’t know what Bob’s doing but I only wish I were living his dangerous life. I know she means well, however. She said she sent a couple of packages. I thought that was nice.

I just received the latest news. “RUNSTEDT 35 MILES INSIDE BELGIUM.” That’s bad. The worst I’ve heard yet. Please write as much as possible—what you had for dinner—if it was washday—anything. Well, all my love.


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