Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Letter 168- December 28, 1944

December 28, 1944
(France; V-Mail)

Dearest Mudder & Dad,

Well, it’s 3 days after Christmas now. I’ve got a newspaper dated the 25th. here right now. “GERMANS 20 MILES FROM SEDAN.” “IN 3 DAYS NAZIS RETAKE LOSSES OF 3 MONTHS.” It’s just like a kick in the face. Even the pessimistic thought it would be over by late spring or early summer at the very worst, but now what? I hope things’ll be better by the time you get this.

Still no packages although mail is coming through fine. The weather continues cold but sunny so life isn’t too miserable. Haven’t been feeling so well today, however. Same cold thing I was in the hospital at Abbot with. I guess I’m not getting enough of the right kind of food. Hope you both are well.

Best Love,


  1. Bill didn't have to be so bummed about the war, although there was little to be happy about. By December 28 the German counteroffensive through the Ardennes was stalled and Bastogne was relieved. The 101st Airborne would dispute the "relieved" characterization. They felt like they were always on the attack.

  2. Based on the information Bill had at hand it's no wonder he felt so dejected. It's impossible for anyone who hadn't spent days on end facing death at worst and freezing conditions in a foxhole at best to understand the way Bill felt. It is interesting though that the system allowed a soldier on the front lines to get the war news, good and bad.


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