Friday, December 11, 2009

Letter 166- December 26, 1944

December 26, 1944
(France; V-Mail)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

This probably won’t be a very long letter because it’s still pretty cold and my fingers will probably get stiff. Yesterday was Christmas, of course; but one would hardly know it. Still, for the front lines it wasn’t too bad. It was clear and sunny all day though the temp. hardly got above 32◦ all day long. We had a nice Crhistmas dinner (look how I spelled that) but there wasn’t enough. I got a neck. We had enough potatoes, cranberries, beets, raison pie, bread and butter, apple butter, & hard candy, however. Later in the evening I got 2 cans of American beer & some cocktail peanuts. Beer and peanuts is a good combination and I really enjoyed it. Then this morning I got a chance to buy 7 bars of American candy; Hershey almonds, Butterfingers, etc.—the first since I left England. I’ve only one bar left. You guessed it, no packages yet. However, one of the other kids got a nice fruitcake and gave me two nice pieces, and to overwork “nice” completely, I think it was damned “nice” of him. I figure that whenever the package comes that’s Christmas.


  1. The clear and sunny weather Bill mentions in this letter marks a major turning point in the "Battle of the Bulge". The rapidly advancing Germans had outrun their supply lines and the assault stalled. The clearing weather allowed the Allied air forces to attack the stalled German columns with devastating results.

  2. Since most of the action is to the north, Bill's sector could enjoy the Christmas dinner and the PX candy bars. Still, it's mighty cold, one of the coldest winters on record in northern Europe.

    And mail from home still remains an issue. Recently, we tried to send Christmas goodies to a GI in Afghanistan. He emailed back not to bother. By the time the package reached him up in the northern part of the country, he would be home on leave. Some things change and some things don't.


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