Saturday, May 1, 2010

Letter 218- July 20, 1945 (2)

July 20, 1945-2
(Derdinger, Ger.)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

Boy! Has it been warm around here. Up until 12:00 last night it was so hot that no one could sleep but then we had a storm and now it’s cool and not the least bit sticky or dusty. Thank “Golt” for that. Today we’re having our review and we must wear ties and Eisenhower jackets. If it had been a day like yesterday we’d have been roasted alive. As it is it’ll be a swell day for the review.

No mail again from you and I don’t like it even a little bit. In fact I might be led to say that confidentially it -----. Don’t you think so? I’m thinking of trying to write a letter every day now and number them like you do, just to see if the results are just as confusing.

The ration situation here is becoming acute. I’m down to my last pack of cigarettes. Last week D. Co. didn’t get their rations and this week they only got candy rations. I’m beginning to feel like a civilian. Old. Maybe they’re breaking us into civilian life the hard way.

Gee, it’s hard to write a letter when one’s not getting any mail. I can’t seem to think of one decent thing.

I’m still working on this educational plan. Probably by the time they get their fannies in gear the war’ll be over and my kids will be ready to get their education. That’s the war though.

How about a package, the usual thing: candy, cookies and so forth and please send me a couple of combs. My hair is going in 14 different directions. They have combs in Germany but if you put one in your pocket you’ll have a pocket full of teeth.

That’s –30—.

Best Love,


  1. Wow Greg, I can't believe what great shape your dad's uniform is in. Enjoy reading his letters. My brother sent me a 3-ring binder with old photos and mission reports that I've never seen before. Can't wait to post them on my blog. Liz

  2. Hi Elizabeth. Actually the Eisenhower Jacket, cap and tie are not my dad's but rather a photo from a WWII memoribilia site. How exciting it must be to discover new material for your blog. I look forward to seeing the posts. Unfortunately very little memoribilia from Bill survived the War, but I will be forever grateful that the letters did!


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