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Letter 221- July 27, 1945

July 27, 1945
(Derdinger, Germany)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

It’s been 3 days since I’ve written but that’s because we’ve been hitting it pretty hot and heavy. I.G. inspection and all that. Last night, however, I really had a swell time. I went to the Jack Benny U.S.O. Show in Stuttgart and the opening of the snazzy new Red Cross Club there.

The Benny Show played in the “Sportstadium” and I really enjoyed it. Benny, Martha Tilden, Ingrid Bergman, and Larry Adler made up the cast and were supported by the 16th Armored Swing Band which was very good. Martha Tilden sang a song called “I Wanna Get Married” which I thought was very cute.

Some of Benny’s gags sounded like they were written by an irate Combat Infantryman. I noticed some of the “brass” fidgeted a little uneasily in their seats at some of them. The crowd of course went wild. Benny played the violin and good—no kiddin’. I don’t think Kreistler has anything to worry about but he was O.K.

After the show was over we went to the new Red Cross joint. Really O.K. That 397th gang are stationed there and are really getting the breaks. Stuttgart, even though partially destroyed is pretty swell when compared with Derdingen in which the foremost and most outstanding feature is “aroma d’ excretion bovine.” I never saw so many American girls in one place since I left the states. Wished I was stationed in Stuttgart. American girls look so much better than the Frauleins.

“Be sure to read the next thrilling installment.”

Best Love,


  1. The 397th Bill refers to is certainly the 397th Infantry Regiment, one of the three including Bill's 399th that made up the 100th Division.

  2. The 397th Infantry Regiment's motto was "Death Before Dishonor." They were deployed to occupy Stuttgart on April 26, 1945 where they remained until August 21st. when they were alerted to ship home.


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