Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Letter 220- July 24, 1945

July 24, 1945
(Derdingen, Germany)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

It’s a bright sunshiny day—cool but with a promise of heat for the afternoon. It’s Tuesday but we’re having church services today. Last weekend we had no holiday. There’s really not much going on as usual but it’s not too bad a day. Maybe by this afternoon they’ll have the motion picture projector working and we can have a movie.

I’m still sweating out mail from you, but that’s all. I wish I knew what’s holding it up.

I’m reading those books you sent me way last November now. They sure help kill time anyway. As soon as this school starts up we will be a lot happier.

I signed up for German, basic radio and English lit. We can probably take only 2 courses but we get 2 hours instruction in 2 courses 5 or 6 days each week.

I guess we’ve got a few hectic days ahead of us. Now we’re getting ready for an inspector general’s inspection. The entire thing seems rather silly as we do not have all the facilities that are necessary over here. For instance I don’t have the regular bed make-up. I have 1 G.I. blanket and a bright red comforter. The latter I lie on because my mattress is burlap covered.

Gotta go now.


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