Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Letter 228- August 16, 1945

August 16, 1945
(Derdingen, Germany)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

I’ve received 10 letters from you during the past 2 days including your birthday card. I just couldn’t write though. On Friday we were supposed to have left for LeHavre. Today is Wed. Almost all the fellows have been writing to their people telling them when to expect them home. I guess I was one of the pessimists but I just couldn’t build up your hopes too high when every probability was that the end of the war would revert us to Army of Occupation. Well, it’s happened. This morning they announced the change and the 100th wasn’t among those mentioned for return to the states. It’s a heart breaker but the high point divisions should go home first. I know if I’d been over here 4 years I’d be mad if some guy who’d been over one only one year went home before me. However, the one thing that can and probably will wreck everything is the determination at home that the draft will be discontinued. Someone must stay in Occupation over here. If there is no one to relieve us, I guess we’ll be stuck here indefinitely. I still think that most of the people at home can’t think beyond the tips of their noses. It’s a pain, believe me.

The other day they picked the 2 most qualified men in the Company to compete for 4 regimental openings to go to college here in Europe. I was one of the 2. Guess how they picked the ones of us that were to go out of the 8 men chosen from this battalion. They had us draw numbers out of a hat. I was so disgusted I couldn’t even talk. Probably the 2 dumbest of the bunch drew the lucky number.

I’ve got to close now but tomorrow I write a really good letter in answer to the 10 that I received in the last 2 days.

Best Love,

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