Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Letter 227- August 12, 1945

August 12, 1945
(Derdinger, Ger.)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

Is it peace or ain’t it? Am I coming home soon or ain’t I? These are the questions of the moment. Unless something goes haywire now I’ll probably be home during the first week of Sept. Actually it won’t be definite until next week but they’re moving heaven and hell to take the Division out of Europe this month. Six weeks from today I could be in Los Angeles. But? And it’s a big but, things could be changed at any minute. If the folks at home continue to oppose peacetime conscription we may be stuck in the A. of O. category. The army would have no choice. Combat outfits should get to go home but if no one is here to replace us I’m afraid that we will be unable to do much else. Sometimes I don’t think people can think beyond the end of their noses. We’ve done our part. Others haven’t, yet we’re expected to do more while those who’ve never served don’t have to do even a little bit.

At any rate we’re supposed to be in Le Havre by the 27th of this month. Our battalion is supposed to leave the 1st due to its honors. The bn. is one of New York’s own and will probably parade there.

One rumor has it that we’re going to Camp Roberts, California. I hope so.

At Le Havre things will be confused I suppose, so don’t write anymore ‘til I write again.

Best Love,

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