Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Letter 229- August 18, 1945

August 18, 1945
(Durdingen, Ger.)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

Today we were officially notified that we had been taken off the alert list. In other words I’m not coming home. It is as I expected but we’ve been working and preparing to go right up until today. Soooo….you can continue to write and send packages. Most of the fellows are very disappointed but I always felt that it was too good to be true. Now it may be even a year before I get home. God forbid but it’s quite likely. The 100th is one of the youngest divisions in the E.T.O. now. All the younger ones got home before we had a chance. They were scheduled for the Pacific before us but now they get all the breaks. Little service in the E.T.O. and none in the Pacific but they’re home anyway and we’re not. C’est la vie.

Now a request for a package. How about a big box of candy, cookies, etc., tuna, sardines, crackers etc. I’m losing weight these days. Another year in this damn army and I’ll be bald and a human shadow.

I received the pictures from you and enjoyed them very much.

This is one of those blue funk days and I’m finding it awfully difficult to write. The utter boredom over here has something to do with it a guess. After a while one becomes dead from the neck up. It’s a “helluva” existence anyway.

I must close now.

Best Love,

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