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Letter 241- September 30, 1945

September 30, 1945
(Derdingen, Germany)

Dear Mother and Dad,

Well, what do you know? Today I received 4 letters from you. That just goes to show you how the mail situation is these days. I know damn well you’re not getting all my letters because I’ve written several to you telling you about the packages that I’ve received, and yet you continue to ask me about them in every letter so you haven’t got word about it yet. I certainly don’t understand it because some of your stuff comes over here like a house afire. Of the 4 letters I received today one was postmarked the 20th, one the 21st, and one the 22nd.

The news that you send me in your letters about the big fuss over the draft and so forth is really quite something. We never hear anything about all this so it is natural for us to think that nobody loves us anymore. We know that it isn’t true but you know how it is. Some of those birds back there are really putting their foot in it. It’s surprising to see how soft our high ranking officers are treading over here. Of course they’re not dealing with civilians but rather some pretty touchy G.I.’s and another thing is these big shots over here have some pretty nice reputations that they don’t want to throw away in politics. If they keep their mouths shut they may have the jobs some of the more vociferous brass have back home.

My point situation right now looks as if it is going to be all right. I’ve got 47 points, which means close out force but not A of O. Ben wrote to me and stated that he has 72 points!!! I don’t know if it was a misprint or whether he actually does have that many points but if he does he must have medals all over him. I wouldn’t doubt it considering what branch of the service he is in.

Talking about Ben, he seems to be awfully fed up with his position. Actually he must be having a damn nice time of it, but of course not knowing anything about the Infantry he thinks that he’s having a rough time of it. I suppose I’d feel that way too if I were in his boots. If you’re having a rough time and you don’t know that the other fellow’s having an even tougher time, you’ll complain.

I’m glad to see that that estate ours is beginning to make something out of itself. I was beginning to think that we’d all be dead and buried before the thing would be straightened out.

I was sorry to hear that you were so upset over my being sick. However, since you must know that I’m back with the company I won’t bother with the wire. They must go through Frankfurt and that takes a month of Sundays. Really right now I feel wonderful. A constitution like mine, if given half a chance will be right out front. I think my being ill for so long was what made my hair come out so badly. It looks as patchy as the devil right now but the medic looked at it and said that there are a million tiny hairs growing in all over my scalp. I hope it’ll be all right. Anyway, I’ll bet I’ve taken on ten pounds in the last few weeks since I returned from the hospital.

I don’t know exactly what the division status is anymore but I doubt that it’ll make much difference insofar as I’m concerned. When my point level is reached I go home with that outfit that is going at that time. Right now there’s hardly any of the old gang left in this company.

Gotta close now.

Best Love,


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