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Letter 242- September 30, 1945-2

September 30, 1945-2

Dear Mudder and Dad,

I couldn’t finish my other letter to you because the Company clerk had to have his typewriter, but it’s just as well because I wanted you to see this stationery which just came in. “Red Raiders” is our battalion designation. 1st bn. is always the Red Battalion and they call us “Raiders” because we so often spearheaded the initial thrust in our major actions during combat.

Right now we’re having a company history book made up and if I stay with the Division long enough to get one I’ll send it along. Did you get the maps I sent home yet? I sent them First Class mail.

I’m enclosing a picture of Maulbronn Cloister in this letter. The original order wasn’t allowed a spire and the one in the picture is 17th Century. Here it looks pretty good but actually it ruins the effect.

Yesterday I went to Stuttgart and paraded for Gen. Burress who is leaving to take command of the 6th Corps. All units were represented and all colors, standards and guidons were flying. 2500 men paraded (all men of all the outfits). The Gen. made a short talk and was given quite a sendoff. He’s quite popular. I noticed he was crying while we passed in review. After that we had a big game between the 84th Div. “Railsplitters” and the Century Division “Bluedevils”. They outplayed us but it was a tie score 7-7. We had a Drum Majorette for the band, cheerleaders, etc. and there was a lot of spirit and fun to the game, however.

That about does it.

Best Love,

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