Saturday, June 19, 2010

Letter 239- September 23, 1945

September 23, 1945
(Derdingen, Ger)

Dear Folks,

Well, what ya know? Look what I found. Some envelopes you’ve been wondering about and I’ve been looking for.

We’re suffering an acute paper shortage here right now. I’m only writing now by the courtesy of the Red Cross “as any fool kin plainly see.” So if you will, I can use some writing paper in my next package.

They came out with the adjusted point score and I see I’ve been saved by 3 points. Forty-four points and under stays in the Army of Occupation. I’ve got 47 points. I’ve got from 3 to 9 months to spend over here yet in the close out force but at least I’ve got some sort of a chance. I don’t know though. They’ll probably change their minds a hundred times before New Years. I see they’re even thinking of letting low point men at home out before higher point men over here. I wouldn’t doubt it. I guess they think they can handle us as long as we’re way over here. These guys will be sorry someday. I don’t want to see the maintenance of peace and national defense go to hell but they could at least be halfway fair about the thing. I heard a single fellow say that he was never going to get married because it must be a lot tougher than combat the way some people are trying to get points for the married men.

The outfit is going all to hell. Everybody’s leaving for homeward bound units or Occupation units. The status of the 100th is not quite clear yet. I don’t think anybody knows what’s going on.

One thing I’m sure of now is that I’m going to be here past Christmas so if you get this letter in time send them on.

The weather’s taken a turn for the worse again. Rain every damn day and particularly damp, cold and foggy. I just never seem to warm up. There’s almost no coal for the furnaces in the building only enough to keep the showers hot in the afternoon.

That about does it for now.

Best Love,

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