Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Letter 238- September 18, 1945

September 18, 1945
(“same old place’)

Dear Mudder and Dad,

The first thing I’m goin’ to do tonight is answer the ten questions of the week. If I don’t now, I’ll forget about it.

1. Pres. Cit. Celebration- Fooey! Not too bad, but the Red Cross didn’t come with the eats and the entertainment didn’t show up.
2. No, another regiment got it. I believe they didn’t give it to us because we already have the Pres. Cit. That’s no real reason but that’s the French Decoration.
3. Pictures you sent – Yes I did and I like them very much (I want to know if you ever got my other letter about those pictures.
4. Packages- Yes, I received all the packages. Despite the fact they were clearly marked 399th Inf. the one of August 14 was sent to the 397th Inf.
5. Radiogram- Yes, I received the Radiogram of Aug. 19.
6. No, I haven’t had a package from Jess recently.
7. School- Yes, I’m still attending school.
8. Trips- No trips as yet. I’m up for a pass or furlough within 2 weeks but I’m afraid I leave the outfit before I get it.
9. I’ve written to Ben Cottle but have heard nothing from him yet.
10. Home or Occupation- The outfit is supposed to come home in Nov. but I won’t be with it.

I don’t know what I think about when I write. I’m all excited about you fixing up my room and I’ve talked about it with the fellows quite often yet I never thought of it when writing. Sounds swell. I only hope I get home while I’m young enough to enjoy it.

In case you didn’t get my last letter I have a package on the way to you.

I didn’t get no (sic) package with writing paper, tooth powder.

About Ben and his camera it’s obvious he doesn’t know much about what the Infantry has been doing for the past year. Two hundred for a camera. I know damn well I could get a “Zeiss Ikon” $300 camera for $45.00. we Infantrymen are quite “Yankee-ish” in trading.

Received “4” yes, FOUR LETTERS from you yesterday. Things are looking up.

And so…..

Yours ‘til the points go lower,

Best Love,


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